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Where can be Osama???? The War on Terror created your mideastern<br />clusterf&*# with trillions down the draw in Iraq for your so-called<br />democracy along with Afganistan is undoubtedly an endless war. Now many of us got every<br />mideasterner with FACEBOOK checking for your schedule regarding riots<br />that evening and the price tag on gas will hit five bucks ahead of Memorial Evening. <br />Back in your house here, they currently have created this sort of mismash involving agencies<br />that the little "war rooms" are generally so ineffective that it takes any Times<br />Square cabbie to get noticable that the van is sitting there which has a bomb and<br />a guy with Fruit of your Loom an explosive device underwear countries in Detroit. For the<br />price one's so-called "War about Terror", we might have given anyone Medicare.

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