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History -- I never found a decent text. If you go to the religious sources, much in the way of monetary influences in history, land grabs, etc. is ignored or glossed over. If you go to the secular texts, religion is misrepresented or glossed over. The emphasis on 'politically correct' now has had the result of try to change history to fit the preferences of the readers! If you can get hold of the old Time Life series on Ages of Man or their TimeLine series, you will find them an enormous help. Generally, I would suggest, however, learning about the community up to grade three or four, then extending to your state's history, then by about sixth grade, your country's history, and then take three full years to go through world history. Suggest a 'project' which will take all three years: geteleven or twelvegood size poster boards and divide them up into 500 year segments. This will take you back as far as you can reasonably go even by evolutionary standards, without getting into pure speculation (actually, eleven is enough). As you go through the three years, mark down the times and events on the appropriate place on the appropriate boards. They can be stacked behind a door when not in use and laid out end to end down a hall way or across the living room and dining room, etc., when in use, or used one at a time. This extent of known history will give the kids a very good feel of how much time has gone on before them. Most kids and some adults break down history into two parts: me, and before me. There are high school kids who cannot tell you if the Civil War or Julius Caesar came first...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                


Beats By Dre Uk

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