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tornar al fòrum respondre My grandfather Robert Todd; Abraham Lincoln Brigade volunteer, killed near Gandesa, Spain   admin: esborrar missatge
Hello, my apologies for not knowing Spanish language. If you read English, perhaps you can help me find information about the fate of my grandfather.

My name is David Bickford, I am one of four survivors of Robert Moore Todd, my maternal grandfather. Robert was born in Waitsburg, Washington in 1910 to farming parents. He had one brother who adopted and raised my mother.

Robert was a volunteer in the International Brigades (American; Abraham Lincoln) reportedly killed in action during the Gandesa Retreats during 1938. Our family does not know where he was killed or where he his remains may be.

My brother and I have DNA results we can make accessible to ARMH, or we can provide new samples in your efforts to identify war dead.

Thank you very much or your help, David Bickford                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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